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.......Thirty years of rains
have still not washed
 ........the Delta mud
 from your feet........
How many years......
 ...of wind will it take.....
 to blow the desert sand
.......... from your hair...
Freezing winters ....
......have preserved the blood
and still...with this spring... the desert sun
.........once again it thaws....
............ and flows......
as do the tears.... from your eyes
©Faye Sizemore 3/27/03


Eternal Flight
Seven will
ever onward,
never returning...
never ending...
forever, ever onward
We salute...
©Faye Sizemore 2/1/2003


Sign Of The Times
Here I am living
in the land of the free,
where people fought
and some died for me.
I heard of a man who
erected a sign for the return
Of those lost across the sea.
Troubles he did arouse,
for they came to his house,
a complaint in the neighboorhood,
Said to take it down he should

Said that after February eleven,
His sign better be gone for good.
Do they not know, grass won`t grow
because of shame ,where it stood?
©Faye Sizemore 1/10/03
In support of Robert Seelbach of Franklin,Ohio
who errected a tribute sign on his property for POW-MIA`S
and has been told by the Zoning Board to take it down


Man`s got a sign in his yard, and that ain`t all
I got a complaint the,damm sign is way too small
Needs to be big enough to be read by the people all
Paint it on the stars,hell, let`s engrave it on the moon
Bring Speicher and all POW MIA`S home damm soon!!

Sign the petion to release our POW's

To: Ambassador Nguyen Tam Chien
Vietnamese Ambassador to the US
1233 - 20th Street NW, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20036




 Soldier’s Wait

Nam jungle sunlight is filtered
Through a canopy of green
It’s thirty years been growing
Covering the scene
Not so… years ago
When I died here…
In a fire that Hell did sear
Men were losing their soul
It was a different scene
Firefight and bullets and
Wounded on the ground
Chopper crash it was…
In a hail of fire we went down
I knew I had fired my last round
Found by a farmer and…
Buried in foreign ground
I am so alone
Please bring me home
Do not leave me where
I do not wish to be
This is not on duty’s plate
I have waited an eternity
To be found…
And still… I wait….

©Faye Sizemore
April 2002


Why Do I Cry
A soldier has fallen somewhere
A soldier somewhere has given all
          It wasn`t my father
            Nor my brother
    Not my nephew or husband
         But it was someone`s
         And I cry because
          I could have been
             that someone
    And I cry for that someone
that my tears allow me to become
   If only it lessened their pain
       but tears have no gain 
     And the way of the ages
       Seems not to change
   ©Faye Sizemore  December302002

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Lament On the Wind


Bitter knowledge

gleaned from the wind,


blown as smoke from ancient fires,

fumes as those from a funeral pyre.


Their battle cries echoing lost on high;

Truth whispering, clinging like a sigh.


Some promises are broken again.

War and not peace, will be the gain.


As the mighty Eagle doth gear for war,

mother’s hearts pray, “No more… no more!”


Heard beyond the wind’s wail, high and away,

is the mighty music of the mothers who pray.


©Faye Sizemore

January 30, 2003



                          Call To Arms
                      Eternal soldier,arise,
                  Harken to the battle cries.
                 Years ago ,dead and gone,
              seems rest has not been long.
           Come now and stand,hear the cry,
         'Today again,your brothers may die...'
             "I answer,I come ,brothers mine,
                 Returning through the mists,
              from an endless journey in time
               Part of me, timeless, still exists,
               this ever faithful soul of mine..."
                     © Faye Sizemore 2/6/03

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Warrior Once...Homeless Now

Just an old soldier
running from an old war
Racing until I can run no more
Racing toward a unknown chore
.............Passing time
Passing time... until I am no more
I surface to the sun
The race is lost and nearly done
faint and devoid of fight
living in the dust of twilight
.............Passing time
Passing time...until I am no more
Living unseen in the shadows
forsaking hope of tomorrows
A coming of age has found all matters naught
just existing today in the snares of others caught
.................Passing time
Passing time ...until I am no more
© Faye Sizemore February92003

The VietNam Veterans' Memorial Wall Page


International War Veterans Poetry Archives
International War Veterans Poetry Archives
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