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Friends & Poems


This is a BPJ Group Poem



We Carried Them

 to where they died
 we carried them
 and it was not
 where they died
 yet we carried them
 and something within  us died
 with them
 as we carried them
 so far from they died
 and I became their eyes
 as they died
 staring away from here to
 and remembering
 the perfect happiness
 of breath
 and laughter
 time on my side
 yet all fades into gone
 when death prevails
 death laughing
 his fist in my
 face.                                                                          Cal

 And I then said...
 Death laughing...
 his fist in my face
 but always knowing
 this is my territory...
 he may invade if he dares
 knowing I fear him not
 I have seen his works
 Death,you are no artist
 I stand my ground
 I am not alone
 For I see with artists eyes
 through the sights of many...

...and yet
their yesterdays carry US!
ever into today's liberty
tomorrow's freedom
burden borne then...
..and now
we're not heavy...
are we brothers?


Are we NOT brothers?
A question not asked
For the penalties of the answer too painful
Shall we do less for a brother than a friend?

A tear drops to the ground
A hero never seen again
A brother lost to the silence
As we carry him limp to a safe place

Knowing he is dead
But acknowledging it never
A brother never forgets
A brother is never too heavy.                    Poppa David

Brothers carried gently. . .
carried by their brothers
with eyes forever seeing
through each other`s

carried from that place,
with fist raised,tricking death. . .

carried home. . .
for their brothers ...for us 

that we may know who they carried
as they died.

Be warmed by that last breath;
Remember as we see
who they carry... each face
as it was and remains
through brother`s eyes

We carry them in our
hearts, souls, minds;
physically buried, but
never left behind.
Remembered, cherished
until our own earthly end.
Comrades, brothers,
companions, friends.
Death's taunting fist
flouted and denied;
for existence continues...
their souls have not died.



Lou J.Klaiber (Cal)
Faye Sizemore  (Faye)
Randy Richmond (Randy)
David R.Alexander  (Poppa David)
Thurman P.Woodfork  (Woody) 
Lucille Biscaglio  (Easy Echo)                                                          














For the War Dogs
Never could they write a word,
Never could you hear them speak,
Never could you see them cry,
For they were strong when others weak.

Always faithful to their kind,
Always at their handlers side,
Always true to their creed,
For they had a living and a need.

War Dogs of Vietnam,
Never could go home to Mom,
Never could be petted by Master,
Never could be taken from Vietnam.

War Dogs of Vietnam,
Treated with respect,
Til they had to die,
Alone and scared,
Like our POW/MIA's.

Alone and afraid,
These Brave Soldiers,
buried in un-kept graves.

War Dogs of Vietnam,
May you rest in Peace,
For your Duty is now Done and Noted.

My Love and Respect for you,
Shall remain unbroken.

Danielle N Calhoun
(c) December 30, 2002






Truth And Lies
How many do you know who say they have been to war
never seen a foreign shore ?
My guess is many a score.
He can be an infantryman
who fought in battles hell
or he can be a door gunner
with many stories to tell
or be in the Delta
when the many rivers swell.
Maybe he was a cannoneer
firing from a Central Highland plain
firing both day and night
and many enemy slain.
He can tell of the scream of the dying
from bullets as men fell.
He can tell of the blood and gore
with not a tear in his eye.
Yet there are many
who believe all his lies.
I could be all of these
as I write them on this page
I was a soldier once
and know the stories of truth
and I can say I’ve been in war
and fought on a foreign shore.
But I will not stoop this low
and shame those who were
there’s a little pride in me
and because I wasn’t there.
Steve Brandenburg
Jan. 7 2003



One Tuff Marine


He sat all alone in his favorite chair sitting by the fireplace

Waiting for the phone to ring any day

Knowing the sound of the phone would send him far away


He sat there looking out the window

Staring into empty space

Remembering familiar thoughts

Of family and friends


Remembering the day he asked his wife to marry him

Remembering how beautiful she looked in her white wedding dress

Remembering the day she gave birth to their 1st son

Remembering how proud he made his Dad and his Mom


Just then the phone rang late that day

He received his marching orders

That sends him away


His wife and son were out shopping

When they got home

He had to tell them the sad news

That his country called him to put on his uniform


He got orders to finish the fight that never ended the 1st Desert Strom


His Mother and Father dropped by that night

His Mother saw the look in son’s eyes

She run up to him and threw her arms around

His Mother could not hold back her tears as she started to cry


This Tuff Marine she held tightly in her arms

All of a sudden he became her little boy again

He hugged and kissed her ever so gently as he whispered in her ear


Momma please don't cry for me

Don’t shed your pretty tears

Have faith in God

And ask him to take away your fears



Just say a prayer instead

And I'll be back before you know it

I am, One Tuff Marine just like my old man

Who once fought bravely in Vietnam


He tells his wife and son to stand by his countries side

He tells them how much he loves them

That Duty and Honor knocked on their door to fight this crazy man


They say he is a another Hitler they call him Saddam Hussein

Another insane bastard that wants to end our freedom

Destroy our world with mass destruction and bomb our homeland



So when my country ships me out across the seas

Let there be no tears for me, for I am one Tuff Marine

Let there be no doubt

I'll be home sooner than you all think


Please no more tears for this Tuff Marine

Momma please don't cry for me

Just say a prayer instead


So please remember me

Keep a candle lit in the window

Tie yellow ribbon around our old tree

Hang our Flag out proudly in the front porch for the entire world to see


That we honor all our Armed forces

Even the ones that marched before me!

Say a prayer for this Tuff Marine.


Just in case I don’t make it back

And they send me home covered in my Nations Flag

Tell my wife and son

This Tuff Marine

Died defending our country and way of life

So they could live in freedom light.


Written By:

Ruby Alexandra Beloz


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