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Paused at a Landing
There is a river of words
That runs thru my life
It has always been
The subject of my strife

River flow…

I should stay in the calm water
And not make waves
I’ve tried to go with the flow
Yet the words in my heart
Just seem to escape
And rattle on when they start

River go…

They’re the source of it all, I know
I’ve been the object
Of some wonderful saves
My vessels been known to sink
And be caught in the undertow

River slow…

All of this is
Beyond my understanding
Perhaps I’d be better off
On the landing
Is it the life
Or the trip that makes
Life worth living

River wait….

Is it the poet who makes
Poem worth writing
Or is it the reader who
Makes it worth reading

River wait again…

I don’t know where this will end
I’ve been down and back again
It’s as if someone else holds the pen
Life is strange
Sometimes not of our choosing
One thing, tho, is true
We seem to live the poem
That someone else penned
Faith will tell us who

River flow on…

İFaye Sizemore
January 27, 2002

Faye… on a beautiful Sunday morning…



The Keeper of Dreams
Your darkest deepest thoughts
Be not afraid to give them to me
I am the keeper of the registry
My name is Poetry
Give me all your dreams
The ones that came true
And the ones which never will
I will store them for you
The nightmares that steal your night
In return, I’ll give to you rest
I can store them from your sight
If you remember, you will see
You know me, my name is Poetry
Give me your happiness
Whisper to me of your loneliness
Of your loves that are true
And cry to me of the ones lost
I shall always be here
Never turning a deaf ear to you
Carving your words in stone
With strokes straight and true
Making symbols for eternity
Never leaving you alone
I am never ending Poetry
I will be a vessel for your tears
I will be an echo for your laughter
I will always be there through the years
It is your pen, which infuses my veins
My name is Poetry; I will refine your words
Uncover the desires you seek to reach
In me your thoughts will live forever
In return, I may grace you with peace

İFaye Sizemore
April 23, 2002




 What will there be found
 in the search for us
A waring nation we were
 leaving only thus...

A darkening circle on the ground
Only sign of people being around

Just ashes of an old old campfire
having moved on, our guns for hire

This is what we taught to them, my brother
To hunt and kill and plunder the other

We thought we were sovereign over  all
Forever sounding the war monger`s call

Marching away at someone else`s orders
Seeking more battles on foreign borders

Becoming as dogs of war they are gone
To find and gnaw upon an enemy`s bone

My sons, your sons seeking more glory
And leaving us only to tell their story

In their uniforms so stiff and new
Going to stay until the battle is through

We are old now and our battles are done
We shall rest with the setting of the sun

Pray that someday home may still be found
And not just traces of ashes on the ground

İFaye Sizemore    September292002


Passage of Time
Red sun’s sinking under a cloud-layered sky
Another day is done and evening has begun
Days are quicker than the blink of an eye
Faster than the wind, the hours seem to run

I have put away the impatience of yesterday
Now I beg for time to slow and the days to stay
The Young cannot know how fast time can flee
Only Age that can see each hour leads to eternity

İFaye Sizemore
May 21, 2002


Small Soul
January’s angel…
You were destined to be June’s child.
God had another plan for you.
He needs only the purest of souls…
And those he knows to be true.

So Little Angel
Wait just inside Heaven’s Gate.
It will only be a little while…
Wait for us there…
We will know you by your smile.

What a happy day it will be
When we meet all those gone before.
Your angel wings will dry our tears…
You are just beyond the door…

İFaye Sizemore
January 16, 2002


In the corners of my mind
Moving back in time
There are memories
Of the sweetest kind

I remember a shady tree
where we would rest at
the bend in the lane
And wait on my Father
When from work he came

And in his dinner pail
Was always a Hershey
For my brother and me
Daddy was a railroad man
We thought that he was
The best one in the land

We three would ride to the house
To the smell of biscuits in the pan
Supper done the lamp was lit
Around the radio we would sit
Boring talk it was to us and all
So we’d make hand shadows
In the lamplight upon the wall

Life was simple back then
When a giggle during radio
Was our biggest sin
Or opening the screen door
To coax a firefly in

İFaye Sizemore
April 29, 2002



Gone With The Grey Fox 
A grey fox will not let me sleep
He and I we have a tryst to keep
I saw him one morning at two AM
Next morning again there was him
He walked at the edge of the light`s glow
Slipping along the trees in the hedge row
He stopped broadside and glanced at me
Pausing for a moment no fear showed he
His gaze somehow was ancient and old
Something in it had spoken to my soul
Turning he loped off through the trees
Continuing on his journy with ease
Now at two in the morn I wait each day
Hoping again he`ll come past this way
I know with a glance he stole my spirit from me
I`m roaming with him somewhere totally free

İFaye Sizemore August262002


Pathes And Benches 
....I have noticed
I am fasinated with paths
.......And benches
My body can rest while
.......My mind is in the clinches

 My mind does wander
......Alot of paths
So I really do wonder
If there was a bench
...... in my mind
Perhaps it would not
.......... lag so far behind
İFaye Sizemore 2002

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