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Anyone who has ever gone to war is a victim...
...There are no survivors in a war .
Some live though the battles...
Some are killed in the battles ,and some die decades later,
İFaye Sizemore


The spring rain has turned our world back to green
Once more life is beginning anew
The trees are bursting with buds
The birds are nesting and singing
The flowers are starting to bloom
And all seems fulfilled...
Winter is gone......
But,Lord,If you would just bring
Spring to the Battlefield.....
Sound the trumpet
Raise all the fallen
Let their joyful cries ring
Send them home again
Let their lives resume...
All the mothers and fathers and wives
The sons and the daughters
Tears would be dried
Among the brothers and sisters
There would be such rejoicing
And praising of your name
Just imagine the joy there would be
If there was a resurrection of spring.....
 Spring,spring on the battle field.....
What a wonderful thought
If only war could  be a bad winter
That was over at last.......
İFaye Sizemore Mar2002



Dodge City Of The Old East

Placed on poles overhead
Like a sign from the Old West
“Dodge City” is what it said
The place of our next quest
Misshapen trees and heat abound
Horseshoe shaped area of ground
Graves all mounded around
As cakes rising here and there
A testimony to someone’s care
A burial ground for grieving
With treachery seething
A perfect death trap
In a place of death
The worst on our map
Nam’s old cemetery
It would be our error
We should have been wary
For the Devil would bless
This old place of death
A place of terror
Death coming with bullets
Bombs mines and mortars
To escape there was no way
We were here only yesterday
To go back were our orders
The enemy had mined overnight
They had foreseen the fight
They knew we would be back
And they were right on track
Because back we came
To play their deadly game
On a hideous game board of hell
The bullets and bombs were a death knell
For Dodge City we could not win
Of all the Marines who went in
Only a handful came out again

İFaye Sizemore
May 16, 2002




Blood Red Moon

Night sky to the moon does yield
to the very same ancient moon
that shone on the battlefield.
It saw the weeping weary soldier
holding his brother as he kneeled.
It saw on his face the wash of tears
that has lasted in memory for years

It shone on the winter at Valley Forge.
It did see the battlefields with blood gorge
And it saw the dying on the icy ground
as the soldiers fired round after round.
Did it catch the cries of the wounded lying
and hear the crying for the loved ones dying?
Did it hope that at last with freedom won
this war would really be the very last one?
It, in silence, hoping, just kept shining on.

It did see brother against brother
in a Civil War terrible as no other.
At the Little Big Horn did hide its face
because of the life lost in that place.
And how about World War One;
Did it not shine on till war was done?
We sent almost every mother’s son.
What a celebration when war was done;
It was glad to shine upon that one

And even during World War Two
its shining light kept on true.
Just another war, what could it do?
Then came Korea and Vietnam
and it hid its face before shining on.
The crosses grow, row upon row
Its gleam does reflect off them so.
Now it shows its light in Afghanistan
To see more battles in a foreign land

Why must we forever constantly war?
Have we not learned anything before?
The moon it seems will always endure,
Watching that which we say we abhor
but engage in, just as careless as before
The moon has been there since before time.
It shone on the earth when it was sublime
Reflects to us its pure white light and so
Earth sends back battles’ blood red glow

İFaye Sizemore
August 05, 2002




Not A dream 
Hot steaming jungles
Dotted with pungi pits
Miles of mosguito trails
Rice paddys and k-bars
Craters blown through out
Napalm raining down
Cries of wounded in the night
Mud and those bitching leaches
Rain in torrents seeming,never ceasing
Flares and machine guns and screams
Ghosts in the choking smoke
One more day in the land of never
Tunnels of rice and death
Hungry children
Selling their sisters
Skinny little kids
Who rip open their shirts
A game to them
"Shoot me,Joe,Shoot me Joe"
Easy, Charlie,Bravo,Echo and Lima
Wake up.. wake up....
Turn on the light....
It was not a dream
Again we were there......
Turn on the light......
                                        İFaye Sizemore March2002


 East Wind  
Afternoon heat burning so
A vicious wind does blow
whipping the trees to and fro
And spireling the tall grass
Flattening it out as it does pass
It does awaken memories of mine
thinking back to an old time
reminding me of an old ghost
when it was needed the most
I was happy when I heard it`s sound
saw it whirling the grass around
A most welcome helicopter did land
To take us to safety was it`s plan
Bleeding and wounded I lay on it`s floor
And watched as the bullet holes become more
Popping and poking holes as in aluminum foil
I really thought it was the end of my toil
And once we were on our way and out
I really knew what gratefulness was all about
Those whirling sacred Metal Angels of the air
I still thank God that such as they were there

İFaye Sizemore August32002


Stand Aside 
Were you there in the jungles of Hell
Were you there when the napalm fell
Were you there when they moved out
Did you hear their final shout
Were you there in the midst of the fray
Did you see action on any day
...........Stand aside......
Did you hold a dying brother
While his life blood ebbed away
Did your heart race with the joy of the kill
As you payed them back that very day
Did you hear their screams
As they died in the nighmare of your dreams
.............Stand aside........

He heard you telling tales
All about your exploits in the Nam
Your stories gave yourself all the glory
You streetcorner bragger
Your stories sure were gory
Well,now, you sure look calm
How could you dare
No.. He`s not calm....
because....he was... there
.......Now..........Stand up
İFaye Sizemore  Mar2002


        Foxhole Fright          
      Patrol was dug in for the night
      .......Didn`t know then........
      I was in for a hellva` fright.......
And it rained!
......Diggin`in the rain
now let me tell you
.......That is a pain
.............Dam rain!
Standin` in a two by three
........Dug in the mud
Fox hole arm pit deep
Water up to my knees
...........On the side of a hill
It was extra steep
...........Damm rain!
    Dug in on almost a ninety degree hill......
    Rainwater rushin` to the river below
.........Enough water to run a mill
............Damm rain!
   .........Gun fire in the distance
     Strainin` to hear above the rain
   ........Somebody needs asistance.......
...........Damm rain!
Hard to hear above the rain
What`s that going past
.......Ain`t no train........
.............Damm rain!
Raining hard.......
.......Ground`s like grease
Not on their feet...... just on their Ass
.......Couple of muddy  Marines.......
Slidin` downhill really,really fast
.......Damm rain!
No enemy action........
These poor guys just couldn`t
.........Get any traction
..........Damm rain!
Yep,they were doin` a dance
Just unfortunate........
...........Victims of circumstance
.........Damm rain!
Distractions can kill....
.......Back to business with a will
But still smilin` over muddy Marines
..........Slidin` down hill
........Damm rain!
Gernades handy on the ledge
........Might give me an edge
Peering in the darkness
......Tryin` to see
Oh,wet,woeful me......
............Damm rain!

......What`s that sound?
I might be out of luck,you see
......That was a gernade
Thrown in with me
............Damm rain!
Tying to bend down
......Fox hole to tight tight
Enough water to drown
.....Hands in the water
Feelin` all about
....Ready to grab that sucker
And throw it out....
...............Damm rain!
Ahh ,feel it in my hand
Gonna heave it
.....Clear outta this land
No seconds to spare
........It`s in the air.....
...Damm rain!
As it left my hand
In that split second I threw
........I felt a ring
And I saw the light.....I knew
   ....Damm rain!
I had given the enemy
One of my own........
Like you`d throw a dog a bone
...........Oh,if I`d only knew...
Because,ya see........
On the foxhole`s edge
 ..........Where one stood
There had been......... two
   ....  Damm.. damm rain!!
                                   İFaye Sizemore   Mar.2002



Marine`s Lament 
Marine said he heard of a show
But he said he never got to go
As they were going to see dancers in a rush
Wouldn`t you know,he got ordered to the bush
And while we`re at it....
Thanksgiving dinner,never got either
Was in the bush......
Christmas dinner,didn`t get that neither

Rush to the bush......
Now  don`t send no dancers in a rush
Or fancy meals...might get orders for the bush

İFaye Sizemore 2002


no splendor in the grass


Well here I am
Been sent by Uncle Sam
To the glorious land called Vietnam

In the jungle land where the bombs do fall
And where the elephant grass grows so tall
Six feet or more grows in height overall

Its cut is as quick as broken glass
With blades like a thousand samurai
It can cut your arms or slice out your eye

You have to be alert in the elephant grass
It can hide some tigers or hide Charlie’s ass
Pray not to meet either as you make your pass

Let me tell you about these bloodthirsty leeches
They’re everywhere just waiting in the ditches
Let me tell you they’re little sons a` beeches

The monsoon rains will wash you away
They’ll mildew your mind in just a day
It’s just how it is, so enjoy your stay

Snakes all over, spiders big enough to ride
And you never know just where they will hide
Putting on your boots you may have one inside

See Charlie ain’t only all that’s deadly
Keep your eyes open and your rifle ready
Or they’ll be playing you that taps medley

İFaye Sizemore
July 12, 2002



Brothers Elite 
There is something in their manner
You can tell them by their walk
There is steel in their eyes
And sincerity in their talk
They can pick each other out of a crowd
You can sense their ties
These few men
The elite and the proud
They never say much
They don`t have to be loud
They are bound by a bond of trust
You can tell they have been there
And believe their cause was just
There is a difference in the way
They touch each other
You can always tell if
They are greeting a brother
These are soldiers who
To each other will ever be true
There is a feeling like no other
They are glad they made it
And glad to see the other did,too
İFaye Sizemore Apr2002



The Boy Soldiers 
Stolen youths of yesterday
With their smiles  wiped away
They are marching away
These little boys of yesterday
Uncle Sam takes his pick of them in
These young boys who would be men
Sends them away as teenaged boys
Gives them  guns instead of toys
Sent off to do the chore
Of fighting a foreign war
In hostile war torn land
A boy soon becomes a man
Dodging bullets makes him grow fast
If not for training he wouldn`t last
What is all this training we gave
It is to help him elude the grave
Won`t someone tell us what this is all for
This grinding of our youth in the mill of war
Listen, the boys who came back as men will say
"Youth has fought for you and your freedoms today"
İFaye Sizemore May302002


One Long Year 

The sun is so dammed hot
I don`t think we`ll ever
Make it up to the top
Just keep going through
This  bush until we drop
There`s nothing as wet
As this jungle sweat
Bugs,blood, and grime
I`ll sure be glad when
It`s the end of my time
Gotta be careful, wires
Tangled with the vines
Enemies been here
I can see the signs
I can feel them near
How clever they can be
Hiding booby traps
Where we`d never see
Trip wires like hair
Hardly know they`re there
Let me tell you what`s real
I sure ain`t no soldier
With famous nerves of steel
Whoever it was said that
Don`t know how it does feel
Noise like thunder up ahead
Flash of fire so bright
Screams echo in the night
Were I in that spot I`d be dead
Still I can see flashes of red

Things are never how they look
The wrong spot at the right time
And I`ve lost this life of mine
An ambush will be all it took
On me they can close the book

You bet, I sure do feel fear
Let me say this is one long year
Ears are ringing,machine gun singing
Bullets are flying all over here
Yeah,it sure is one long year

İFaye Sizemore June 2002



purple sands

Dreaming of chasing an evil man
Through the turbaned clans
Awakening in the purple sands
Upon some scenes not so grand
Marching came people hand in hand
A poorly assorted rag tag band
trekking across the hot purple sand
Blindly trudging as only the seeing can
In the sky a sun that had shown so pink
was waning and now starting to sink

I asked these men of lavender hue
Where was this place, if one of them knew
‘We know not’ one of them haltingly said
‘We have only gone where we were lead
To our leaders we have been true
but we are not sure if even they knew’
and he paused to let me through
for I was trekking the purple sands too

never seeing the giant mushroom just out of view

İFaye Sizemore
September 28, 2002


Battle Over...A Dream  
Is it possible, can it be real
Soldiers have left the battle field
I saw both sides did yeild
As one body they marched away
And I thought I heard them say          
"We dream of peaceful silence
Of the roar of life subsiding
Not this turmoil of violence
And we shall go forth hence
As far as our forces can reach
......In search of peace"

İFaye Sizemore June2002

                         Dog fights,cock fights
                         matches made by men
                         Tickets bought by all,
                          gathered in, just so,
                           for the priveledge
                      of watching the blood flow
                          Bets made by men...
                      ... and tickets sold again
                    Wars are planned by someone
                    No tickets can be bought here
                     Players are just issued a gun
                       A question in my mind...
                   Are there Gods of another sphere
                  who sport in wars of humankind...
İFaye Sizemore December232002

Dark Fortune
Are we at this place again
where our grief does begin
Here we stand, all humankind
Looking, looking for the signs
No good omens can we see
of the future times that will be
Coming war will reign
Is there no dawn,
only dusk falling...

traveling on into night...
İFaye Sizemore December312002


These poems are all the copyrighted property of the author and may not be used without permission