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One Rose of Red
 Crystal tears of snow from heaven fell
Lightly kissing the solitary rose of red
Why this season only the seasons know
So late why… just this one rose of red…
Trying desperately to become an exquisite bloom
The edges of the petals turning dark and curled
Not as beautiful as it was in the fall of last year
Only two petals opened; one on each side
Like angel wings as if trying to fly
The sun came out as the clouds did clear
The melting crystal tears of snow… like tears
Off each wing did fall
Till no tears were left to fall
Then to slowly die
A petal at a time
Drifting to the ground
Of a broken heart
©Edgar A. Tieman
January 26, 2002
Dedicated to Faye Sizemore in memory of Crystal, who died in 1986 and whose birthday is January 26.
“My love to you and your family
with tears in my heart”



     For Terry   1962~1999
                  Some blue skied day                           
In the brightness of the sun
I`ll let you go,daughter dear
But this day is not the one
I see your face ,I feel you near
Singing in the wind
Your voice I hear
Child of my heart
I find it so hard to part
Someday your ashes I`ll scatter
Among the mountains
That you loved
Someday it won`t matter
Some day I will have it resolved
Someday I will see
You can`t be left behind
Or apart from me
Someday I will understand
You will always be with me
Singing there still
In the mazes of my mind
I won`t be left alone
For your song goes on
Faye Sizemore 2/13/2003   


Sweet Recall

A few notes of music on the wind
Muted strains of an old song
so welcome in my world again

Scents of flowers drift faintly
Visions of the dearest faces,
looking antiqued and quaintly,
filling their vacated spaces

Memories from long ago times
aged like the finest of wines
Old voices are heard calling again
as the memories come drifting in

Even Mother and Father, so dear,
I can almost glimpse you here
Almost touch your hands with mine
reaching back through the pages of time

Memories are magical treasure chests,
and opened, can summon loved ones
back home ,at will,through the mists

©3/4/03Faye Sizemore

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