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Glassy`s Shadow
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Autumn Veiw From Glassy Mountain


Summer Storm
As the storm clouds did gather
The birds ceased their flying
Taking their shelter in wind whipped trees
From the north the lightening is streaking
As I watched an errie light was shone
Thunder broke over the mountains
Shaking the foothills with a vengence
And in it`s awesomeness I trembled
A noise thrown from the lungs of Hell
This continued until well after twilight
The red lightening split the sky
And still not a drop of rain did fall
Was it just mid summer July`s storm
Is God threatening us with the devil
Or just assuring us of his power
İFaye Sizemore July2002


A madman came stumbling toward me
Screaming and jestering like a banshee

Waving a paper in front of my face
Shoving and pushing me into space
My fevered brain unraveled the scheme
The words he screamed echoed as a dream

'It`s poetry,it`s poetry,all is poetry...
My life...your life...all is destiny'
I had stepped almost over the brink
The madman`s words caused me to think

And what had saved me from the rim
Was the fact that I believed him...

İFaye Sizemore October282002



From the land
Of tomorrow
 And share
Our joy
And share
Our sorrow
Travel back
To yesterday
And tell us
There is a way
Out of the trials
Of today
Mark a trail
To tomorrow
So when we tire
We may follow
İFaye Sizemore Febuary2002


Autumn Of Home

Autumn hills still beckon
Missing them each second

Maples turning scarlet
Fields of Gentian Violet

Interlaced with goldenrod
Where my youthful feet trod

Cool promise of frost
Wandering as if lost

Missing the hills of home
Yearning for them alone

Wandering Ontario`s shore
Was peaceful in days of yore

I miss the bronze of the oak
In style in autumn`s cloak

Autumn is the time of year
I want my old home near

Hills of Wayne it is true
Oh, my heart is missing you

İFaye Sizemore July272002


Cat thoughts
Leanin` back
Sittin` on the porch
 taking my ease
Saw Mamma cat
Comin` through the weeds
Carryin` a baby bunny
 for her kitten`s needs
Planted in my head
 these here seeds
No matter how safe
in our world we do feel
Let me tell ya`ll
 what`s for real
Ain`t no matter what`s
in your pocket book
Ain`t no matter how good
 your future may look
Just like that bunny
 feastin` on clover
 in the lawn so sunny
nothing but dinner now
So keep alert looking
 over your shoulder
 or ya`ll may just
 end up as cat chow!

İFaye Sizemore August72002



Ups And Downs 
It`s a steep winding path
that leads to the upper ledge
Above the waterfalls
As I make my way slowly
On rocks slippery in wet spray
The top beckons and calls
At last looking down
The view is breathtaking
After all this climbing around
I finally do realize that
The view was just as equally
fantastic from the ground

İFaye Sizemore June2002


Friendly Battles 
Watch that your tongue be kind
Friends may not be of the mind
A verbal war among friends
Is a hurtful war no one wins
Friendly battle is the worst kind
It takes the most toll on a mind
Also having this among it`s many sins
If nothing else it may gain
It lets you survive so that
You can die again
... and again
İFaye Sizemore July2002


Simple As That 
Excuse this old country girl
But do you notice
This worlds in a whirl
How it does
 makes my blood boil
They attacked us
on our own soil
If we`re so great
and strong after all
Someone tell me
 how we missed that call
There`s drug dealers
 on the corners of the street
Careful where you go
 never know what you`ll meet
Now our children by law
 can`t pray in school
Doing this they would be
 going against the rule
There`s lots of homeless  people
 living in the street
This is the land of plenty
,now ain`t that sweet
Sometimes I wonder where I`m at
Where I grew up the good guys
 Always wore the white hat
The bad guys always wore black
They were easy to spot
And we gave them no slack
Heroes never ever rode away
The bad guys didn`t get to stay
It was never any other way
Black was black,white was white
I`ve never understood grey
And I`m still trying 
Up to this very day
White was white, black was black
Right was right, wrong was wrong
      Simple as that
İFaye Sizemore July152002


 Ode To A Smoke 
Your hold on me you`ll never let go
I`ve tried everything I know
In a trunk I locked you up
But I didn`t have any luck
You got out and hunted me up
Wanting you is whopping my butt
No matter what I do
Cigarette,I dream of you
The doctor told me not to smoke
He said it could make me croak
Oh,oh,your wonderful smoke
It does make me gag and choke
When I die and finally leave this land
They`ll have to pry you from my hand

İFaye Sizemore June2002


Happy New Year 2003

Walking into a new year
my steps are slow ....
because I know some cannot go
There so many are left behind
that are just memories in my mind
Memories of the sweetest kind
Dad and Mother so dear
How I wish you were here
My son and daughters
I can still hear your laughters
from other long ago years
Smiles mingled with my tears
Friends that have gone on before
I will remember forever more
I am so glad that for a time
............You all were mine

İFaye 1/1/2003


With her soft breath on my face,
Lady Spring has entered this place

Earth`s blood has begun to flow
It is now Natures time to grow

All manner of bud and bird
can now be seen and heard

To move on from here Winter has no choice
Spring has been heralded by the robin`s voice

Soon butterflies will begin to flutter
amidst the flowers and weeds clutter

In the meadows new lambs do prance
and down by the creek Faeries dance

İ3/5/03 Faye Sizemore

Poems are copyrighted property of author and may not be used without permission

Poems are the copyrighted property of the authors and may not be used without permission


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