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Poems of this and that...




Sunshine And Shadows
One`s not possible
 without the other
Sunshine is the truth
 in the words of my brother
Shadow is the time of leaving
For in shadows is the grieving
In the sunshine of our life
He was always there
No matter what the strife
There was nothing he`d not dare
I thought he`d always care
In the sun he strode tall
And I trusted him with all
The sun did brightly shine
Off his armour enough to blind
When I did turn my head
There were words said
That I did not understand
And his sunshine is no longer
 in this shadow land
Shadows do make us weep
It is the happiness of the sunshine
That our memories will keep
Safe from the passing of time
İFaye Sizemore August12002


In the wee hours
A strange craze comes upon me
Of this I have no doubt
Strange thoughts
Drift in and out
Coming in the haze
Wandering in the maze
Where darkness is dense
Taking no time to seek sense
New thoughts become older
Wandering in forbidden paths
Becoming bolder
As it becomes later
They become more hurried
As if the dawn may
Have them worried
May catch them tresspassing
And may with the coming sunlight
Banish them back into the night

İFaye Sizemore Apr2002

Spirit Scribe 
There are things I do know
And certainly know not how
It is a mystery to which I bow
There is a question on my lips
Tis` as if there is another that dips
Her pen inside my head
Then to paper she puts words
I know I remember having read
She pens in wet blood so red
All the things I have left unsaid
The darkest tales she has scrolled
In strong strokes of pen so bold
Of another life in days of old
To her these things I know I told
When in comfort she did hold my hand
Centuries ago in a foreign cruel land
Her words that I read shake my soul
Same familiar sister in a different role
In her I reconize now my spirit kin
A bargain is struck and kindled again
I am now her and she has become me
A glance in the mirror proves it to be

İFaye Sizemore May2002



 Shadow Knight
A lesson
that it took me a time
 to understand
In the dusky shadows
a lone knight does stand
No truer one be found
 in all of our land
Always faithful,ever there
Constant in foul weather or fair
So quiet sometimes that
 no one notices him there
Sometimes just a glint
from the armour he does wear
On the far perimeter
 he does stride to and fro
remaining always ready as
From in the shadows
he sees who comes and does go
Ever vigilent in doing so
Accounting on no pages
Extracting no wages
Save only our friendship
And a smile from our lips
He will always aid me and you
For that is what all true knights do
And in love may he collect his due

İFaye Sizemore August22002


Broken Chapel 
There are no bells that will ring
There is no welcoming hymn to sing
As if they are forsaken like lonely calls
My footsteps echo in this deserted hall
This place where my troubled soul did heal
Where I was taught brotherhood was for real
This place where words of truth were spoken
And seeing it thus, my heart is truely broken

İFaye Sizemore June262002



   The Night Pegasus 
A winged creature of the night
Carries me into dreams of fright
Would that I could banish it from my sight
Oh, no more rides in midnight moonlight
How does he know the way,the road to take to go
To the place where some long ago memories still hurt so
Has he been there in the shadows all along
Knowing I thought the memories were gone
I will build myself a barn to hold this winged steed
I will fence it with love and things he does need
I will cover it with forgiveness as it`s roof
And our midnight rides will only be a spoof
In the sunshine I`ll teach it to feed right from my hand
Of the milk of kindness which flows through this land
Of course, first of all I must capture this visitor of nightmare rides
But I am fearing to wait on the road to memories where he hides
İFaye Sizemore June 2002



There was a brief
 and shining spot

That for a time
 was surely Camelot
Mourning In Camelot
Ere now the shades
 of night are falling

The minstrals do stroll
 sadly calling
No place here
I find to rest my head

For want of pride
 they have sold my bed
In different directions
the knights do ride

And with them
my heart does bide
I bow my head
 and I  sincerely pray

The sun may rise
 in Camelot another day
İFaye Sizemore July302002


Inner Self
 in the forests
 of my mind
 lives a gentler soul
 of another kind
One not so heated
 by the past
One whose tempers
 do not last
She sings
of happy times
And stays
 where the ivy twines
She forgets yesterday
 into tomorrow
 happily running
She finds her way
With herself bringing
sounds of happiness
 and of birds singing
If I let her free
Would she be able
 to survive like me
In the forest she`ll
 have to stay                                
 not coming out
 until a kinder day                                 
 Gentle things, you see
need to be protected
 in this society
She`ll have to hide
 and be kept from the rain
A sensitive soul not able
 to deal with the pain
She`ll  have to wait
 where there is no hate
In the shelter of inner self
 She`ll have to hide
For she owns no
 armour to wear outside

İFaye Sizemore May2002


Poetic Path 
My soul is a hunter
Searching for solace
Lost in the night
Always seeking solace
It is somewhere ahead
Always just out of sight
I search in your words
For the path that is right
And follow it,I may
Fool that is me, trusting
Not to be led astray
İFaye Sizemore Apr2002


Passage of time
Red sun’s sinking under a cloud-layered sky
Another day is done and evening has begun
Days are quicker than the blink of an eye
Faster than the wind, the hours seem to run

I have put away the impatience of yesterday
Now I beg for time to slow and the days to stay
The Young cannot know how fast time can flee
Only Age that can see each hour leads to eternity

İFaye Sizemore
May 21, 2002


Rainbow Rising

There is a rainbow rising
presenting it`s self to me
A benediction after the rain
there in all it`s beauty to see
To ease my torment and pain
To the heavens I look up
And marvel at not only rain
 in my old chipped cup
Love is in there too
Respect and friendship
I have needed it,God knew
And when all is on the brink
I will lift the cup and drink

İFaye Sizemore August2002


Time is the cure

Time is the healer

Time changes all

The mountains moved

The rivers carved

The face of the world appeared

...In time

   İFaye Sizemore  Mar.2002



What is left when we are gone
Only the rags that we have owned
We cannot take them when we go on
We must be remembered by love alone
Love only can live on here
All else will only disappear
They can carve our names in stone
Love can still live in flesh and bone
So when my name in stone you see
Remember the love I had for thee
Take this love left for I am gone
Pass it on so that I may live on

İFaye Sizemore October252002


                                            Life is but
                                        A fleeting echo
                                      Fleeing on the wind
                                       A blazing of a star
                                       That the blinking
                                      Of an eye may miss
                                   Like a tiny grain of sand
                              Through time`s own hour glass
                                  As time weaves quickly
                                So is the thread of our life
                                          As life is done
                                   Seems only just begun
                              So time does come to an end
                                      The sun does set
                               İFaye Sizemore Mar.2002
                      For My Sister on the loss of her Husband
                                        Steven Hyde


Shadows Owed

Midnight hours in the shadows, I see
Shapes of those long gone before me

Stretching out their hands they plead
They bade me follow where they lead

Until the dawn, I hold them all at bay
And silently as they came, they go away

They follow you; they plead to you
The good deeds that you didn’t do

If a chance is passed to help someone, it’s true
In the shadows someday they may wait for you

Changing their shapes in my sight,
Good deeds not done are the color of night

If there was now a way to atone
The shadows might leave me alone

Some night as the moon rises over the tree
The shadows may get the better of me

If I’m not here in the morning
Just let this be my warning,

Never pass up a chance to do a good deed
Then there will be no shadows to plead

My friend, listens, and heed
Do not go where the shadows lead

Do not follow where I have gone
It is to a place where you can’t atone

İFaye Sizemore
June 06, 2002



            A Parting       
       Good bye Uncle  Mow
       Laura`s father`s brother
     You were loved  as no other
   Though the time has come to part
  You will always remain in her heart
       You have just gone on before
        To wait just beyond the door
    And though today  she is so sad
   Knowing you wait makes her glad
  She prayed for God to lessen your pain
 God saw fit and her loss is heaven`s gain
    Laura, God has blessed you, it is true
 For he has beloved angels waiting for you
       What a joyous day it will be
         When again all our loved
               Ones we shall see

       For Laura Anne DiRenzi
        İFaye Sizemore 2002



I was once honored to know a man
One of the very most very dear
I`ve ever known in this land
I was so luckyfor he was a friend to me
Never knowing him I`d be poor you see
He always greeted each day at dawn`s first light
So that nothing that day would escape his sight
And from him I learned how very sacred was all
From the beauty in the fields and marshes
To the lovely lonliness in a dove`s call
Unmindful as time passed us by
We watched geese against a fall sky
He took pains to point out to me
The importance in the helping of a friend
How it all comes back to you at the end
The things I would need to know
As on life`s journey I did go
The wonderful beauty of the winter skies
And how to read signs in peoples eyes
How to be patient and so to catch a fish
And how then to turn it into a great dish
We had many adventure in his little dory
He always took time to listen to a sad story
And at the end his advice was always sage
Before I knew it he was of great age
How I cried the day he died
He said he was an anthesist
But I think that he lied...

İFaye Sizemore September212002
Dad,I miss you...


    In the dust of memory
       I write my name
         hoping someday
      someone will know
     that this way I came
          Time will cover
     the tracings in the dust
   The time does come to leave
          Go along I must
          I will be happy
           from up above
     if all will just remember
          that I did love
        I loved my friends
       who did walk with me
            in my strife
        I loved the soldier
           who laid down
            his very life
       my peace secured even above
         was bought with blood
        and so had been insured
          How could I not love
İFaye Sizemore Dec.2002

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Poems are the copywrited property of the author and cannot be used without permission

Poems are the copyrighted property of the authors and may not be used without permission


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